Vaccination campaign needs months to succeed: Hawari


Published: 2021-01-13 13:42

Last Updated: 2021-09-18 04:27

Vaccination campaign needs months to succeed: Hawari
Vaccination campaign needs months to succeed: Hawari

The Head of the National Center for Epidemics and Communicable Diseases Firas Al-Hawari Wednesday said the success of the vaccination campaign in Jordan depends on the number of citizens who get vaccinated, adding that "We need months to see the effectiveness of this vaccine."

He pointed out that the national vaccination plan aims to vaccinate approximately 20 percent of the Jordanian population. He stressed the importance of administering the vaccine to citizens while the COVID-19 curve is declining saying,"We have to take advantage of this period to prevent another wave."

Hawari stressed that the vaccine has been proven to be effective and safe worldwide. He pointed out that millions of people have taken the vaccine across the world and no deaths were recorded as a result of receiving the vaccine.

He said that some people continue to suffer months after recovering from coronavirus. He added that some continue using respirators, some develop depression or muscle weakness, and some lose the sense of smell and taste.