One dead, two wounded in Kabul attack


Published: 2020-12-12 14:57

Last Updated: 2024-04-20 12:11

Photo: BBC
Photo: BBC

One person was killed and two others were wounded in rocket fire on Kabul Saturday morning, according to the Interior Ministry, the second such attack in the Afghan capital in less than a month.

"Ten rockets were fired from Lab Jar district in Kabul," ministry spokesman Tariq Erian said, adding that three rockets landed near Kabul airport and five in a residential area in the capital.

"Unfortunately, one person was killed and two others were injured," he added.

Violence continues in Afghanistan, despite the slow-moving peace talks with the government and the Taliban that began September 12 in Doha. In early December, the two sides announced an agreement defining the framework for the talks.

No one immediately claimed the attack, but the Taliban denied any involvement in the violence.

Kabul Police spokesman Firdaus Faramarz confirmed the fall of the rockets, adding that most of them hit the eastern part of the capital.

November 21, at least 10 people were killed by rockets in the center of Kabul near the Green Zone where embassies and international companies are located. The attack was claimed by Daesh.

Afghan Vice President Ammarullah Salih wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday that he had received threats from Daesh that preparations were underway to "turn Kabul into a Shiite slaughterhouse" if the Afghan government executed members of this organization, they were arrested.

In the past months, Saleh and his advisors have pushed for a trial of "terrorists" from Daesh who are being arrested for their involvement in bloody attacks, demanding that the guilty be executed publicly.

Daesh often targets the Shiite Hazara minority in Afghanistan.

- Easy goals -

In recent weeks, the organization claimed bloody attacks in the capital, including the attack on Kabul University and another educational center, which resulted in more than 50 deaths.

"The enemies of the Afghan people have intensified the violence," the statement added. 

Despite the increase in violence, US forces continue to leave the country. Washington has pledged to withdraw all its forces from Afghanistan by mid-2021 in exchange for security guarantees, according to the agreement signed between Washington and the Taliban in February in Doha.

With stopping targeting US forces as part of this agreement, the Taliban have continued to intensify violence against Afghan forces.

The rebels have pledged to stop targeting major civilian centers, but the Afghan government often accuses them of doing so, even as many of the attacks are never claimed.

Meanwhile, talks between the two sides are slowly progressing in Qatar, despite the pressing demands for a ceasefire, which the Taliban ignore.

In early December, the two delegations announced an agreement setting the framework for the negotiations, but the agenda for the talks has yet to be finalized.