Time magazine names Joe Biden, Kamala Harris 'Person of the Year'


Published: 2020-12-11 21:34

Last Updated: 2023-09-28 04:35

Photo: Today.com
Photo: Today.com

Time magazine Thursday chose US President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris Thursday as "Person of the Year" after winning the 2020 US presidential election, the results of which are still being contested by outgoing President Donald Trump.

Joe Biden, who will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States January 20, and Kamala Harris, were chosen over Donald Trump, Anthony Fauci, racial justice advocates, and medical professionals for the honor.

The magazine cover featured a picture of Joe Biden, 78, and Kamala Harris, 56, under the headline "Changing America's History."

"In order to change America's history and show that the forces of compassion are greater than the forces of division, and to provide a vision of healing in a sad world, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the two characters of 2020," the magazine wrote.

It is only the tenth time in US history that a presidential candidate has been able to defeat an outgoing president, as confirmed by the magazine.

Although Donald Trump continues to refuse to acknowledge his defeat, Joe Biden, with a total of 81 million votes, received nearly seven million more votes than the former real estate mogul.

Trump has asserted weeks ago that the Democrats "stole the elections" through mail fraud, which took place in large numbers this year due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, his attempts to invalidate the election results in several major states and the judicial appeals he submitted all failed, and his lawyers were unable to provide any evidence of fraud.

- Critics-

Donald Trump, who was named Person of the Year in 2016, did not immediately comment on the choice as many expected him to be angry.

In 2017, when this title was given to people who broke the silence in the sexual assault case, which led to the launch of the "Me Too" movement, he said in a tweet that he was not chosen because he refused an interview request presented by the magazine or to take pictures, which was denied by Time.

Some criticized the decision, believing frontline workers were more deserving of the honor.

And these workers - medical caregivers, delivery, supermarket, or transportation workers - were chosen as the People of the Year by Time magazine readers, but the management ultimately didn't make that choice.

The decision is the first time that the honor was given to a president or vice president-elect.

In an interview with Time magazine, Kamala Harris, a Jamaican daughter and Indian mother, said that Biden's new government, in addition to fighting the pandemic and the deep economic crisis it has caused, will work for "racial justice" that has seen "a great deal of delay."

For the first time this year, the magazine collaborated on a special program with the television network "NBC" to reveal its choice, with the participation of singer Bruce Springsteen and pop stars "BTS", who were named "Artists of the Year."