Temperatures drop significantly in Jordan


Published: 2020-12-10 11:33

Last Updated: 2020-12-10 13:07

Temperatures drop significantly in Jordan
Temperatures drop significantly in Jordan

Thursday, ArabiaWeather announced that temperatures will be dropping to become slightly lower than average for this time of year, as eastern winds blow through the Kingdom, resulting in relatively cold and wet weather.

The weather will continue to be foggy in the early morning hours in the Badia regions.

The southeasterly winds will be moderate to brisk.


Night temperatures will drop, resulting in cold and humid weather in most areas of the Kingdom. Additionally, the weather will be very cold in the southern mountainous heights and the Badia regions where frost will be expected.

The southeasterly winds will moderate and will be activating at intervals which will greatly increase the sense of cold.


There will be a slight rise in temperatures resulting in temperatures which are slightly above their averages for this time of year.

The southwesterly winds will be moderate to active in the south of the Kingdom, which may cause dust.

Although temperatures slightly rise from Thursday, the weather is generally cold in different regions of the Kingdom, with the emergence of high amounts of clouds, and light-speed winds in various directions.