Health Minister speaks about COVID-19 situation in Jordan


Published: 2020-11-22 11:33

Last Updated: 2021-07-23 16:18

Health Minister speaks about COVID-19 situation in Jordan
Health Minister speaks about COVID-19 situation in Jordan

The coronavirus crisis affected the psychological and social aspects of people’s lives, and must be dealt with in a correct way based on scientific information, said the Minister of Health Nathir Obeidat Sunday.

In an interview with Melody FM, he said that he hopes that the recent decrease in the number of positive cases in Jordan is the beginning of a new stage and a good indication about the COVID-19 situation in the Kingdom. He stressed that people must not rush to make any judgements regarding these numbers.

Obaidat said that the government has not taken control over any private hospitals yet. He stressed that private hospitals are an essential partner in the Jordanian health system. Obaidat said he hopes that the government would not need to take control of any private hospital and that the defense order was put in place to prove that the health of Jordanian citizens is a priority for His Majesty King Abdullah II and the government.

As for people employing private nurses to receive COVID-19 treatment at home, he said these illegal activities are not acceptable. All coronavirus patients who require medical attention must be admitted to hospitals, stressing that people must adhere to public health and safety measures.

Regarding the Aman mobile application, Obeidat said the application no longer provides the desired benefits, as the number of positive cases continues to increase. However, citizens should continue to use it and keep an eye on notifications. 

Obeidat stated that the drug Favipiravir is used as part of the coronavirus treatment process and that it is not a vaccine. This drug will be distributed to new coronavirus patients free of charge, if needed.

Regarding total and smart lockdowns, Obeidat said that the government has not made any decisions to impose either anytime soon. Studies are underway to determine the benefits and need for both types of lockdowns.