Health Ministry receives new PCR device from EU


Published: 2020-11-21 15:31

Last Updated: 2023-03-21 09:15

Health Ministry receives new PCR device from EU
Health Ministry receives new PCR device from EU

The Ministry of Health Saturday received a fully computerized PCR system to test coronavirus samples, which will enable them to test an additional 1,300 samples per day. The device was provided by the European Union, in cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Minister of Health Nathir Obeidat said this advanced device will contribute to strengthening the capabilities of the ministry as a result of increasing the number of tests conducted per day. 

The Cobas 6800 is manufactured by the Swiss company Roche and is the first of its kind in the Kingdom as it produces PCR test results within 24 hours.

The device will be integrated into the current system used by the central laboratories.

During a field visit, Obeidat met a number of employees at the central laboratories. He called for adherence to general safety measures and quality control procedures when it comes to dealing with samples.

Director of the Central Laboratories Mahmoud al-Ghazou said the laboratories are operating at full capacity and testing more than 15,000 samples per day. All other sub-laboratories across the Kingdom will increase productivity to full capacity in the coming few days.