Labor Ministry announces work permit changes for non-Jordanians


Published: 2020-11-03 14:09

Last Updated: 2021-12-02 23:25

Labor Ministry announces work permit changes for non-Jordanians
Labor Ministry announces work permit changes for non-Jordanians

The Minister of Labor and Minister of State for Investment Affairs, Maen Al-Qatamin Tuesday decided to suspend the issuance of bank and judicial work permits for non-Jordanian workers until further notice.

The Ministry of Labor clarified in a statement Tuesday, that in support of Article (17) which outlines instructions procedures for the recruitment of non-Jordanian workers in 2020, Al-Qatamin has decided to suspend paragraph (a) of Article (5) which outlines provisions for issuing bank or judicial work permits from employers. 

The ministry indicated that establishments that exceed 30 non-Jordanian workers are excluded from the minister's decision.

This decision was taken for the purposes of facilitating and assisting the private sector and to reduce the financial burdens entailed by the costly work permits.

In addition, the decision was also taken in order to maintain the permanence of the facilities' work, given the difficult financial conditions that the various economic sectors are going through due to the coronavirus crisis.

According to the decision, the concerned labor directorates and offices will issue official letters to the concerned banks to cancel the work permits at the request of the employer and hand over these work permits to benefit from their sums in order to tackle the economic difficulties that they are exposed to.

The decision confirms the continuation of the provisions of Article (8).

Article (8) provides instructions for offices operating in the recruitment of non-Jordanian domestic workers in 2020, as well as the provisions of Article (11), which provides instructions for recruitment procedures of non-Jordanian workers in the Qualifying Industrial Zones in 2007.