Al-Bashir Emergency Ward faces overcrowding


Published: 2020-10-26 20:39

Last Updated: 2020-10-26 20:54

Al-Bashir Emergency Ward faces overcrowding
Al-Bashir Emergency Ward faces overcrowding

Roya's cameras caught scenes of overcrowding at Al-Bashir's Emergency Ward in Amman Monday. When asked to comment, the director of the hospital Mahmoud Zureikat said this is not a new issue for Al-Bashir Hospitals.

Zureikat said Al-Bashir receives approximately 3,500 cases per day, 80 percent of which are not emergency cases. A total of 42 doctors work in Al-Bashir's different departments during each shift but the number of patients is high, which leads to overcrowding.

He explained that the workload was supposed to be reduced with the opening of the new Emergency Ward but, due to the coronavirus crisis, it was isolated to receive COVID-19 patients only.

An additional 345 nurses were trained and started working at Al-Bashir hospitals, he added.