Jordanian government prepares for winter


Published: 2020-10-26 16:13

Last Updated: 2024-05-23 04:14

Jordanian government prepares for winter
Jordanian government prepares for winter

Ministry for Local Administration Affairs Monday announced that it is fully prepared and has equipped all municipalities to deal with upcoming weather conditions during the winter season.

Assistant to the Secretary General for Service Affairs Hussein Mhadait said the emergency plan consists of three stages, the first of which includes the implementation necessary preparations before the start of the winter season such as cleaning sewers and manholes; ensuring all machines are fully functional; conducting maintainance work for water suction machines; ensuring adequate fuel reserves for all vehicles; creating warning signs and placing them in dangerous areas; and relocating citizens living in dangerous areas like valleys.

The second stage aims to prepare for snow, storms or torrents. The government must ensure all machines are fully functional; ensure the availability of all necessary machines; develop three emergency plans (extreme, moderate and light); ensure the availability of logistical and administrative services to support the teams in the field during emergency cases and equip all operation rooms in municipalities, directorates of municipal affairs, and joint services councils.

The third stage involves making necessary arrangements with all related authorities such as the the Ministry of Labor, Greater Amman Municipality, Civil Defense Department, Jordanian Armed Forces and the Jordan Meteorological Department.