Two-day total lockdown deepens crisis on commercial sectors


Published: 2020-10-19 14:27

Last Updated: 2021-06-16 15:51

Two-day total lockdown deepens crisis on commercial sectors
Two-day total lockdown deepens crisis on commercial sectors

The representative of the Food Sector in the Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Raed Hamada, called on the government on Monday, to reconsider the decision of continuing to impose a total lockdown on Fridays and Saturdays, in order to protect the commercial and service sector from economic pressure and declining sales.

The continuation of the total lockdown will greatly harm commercial and service sectors financially, especially the restaurants and sweet sectors, said Hamada during a press statement.

He stressed that Fridays and Saturdays constitute more than 60% of the total sales for restaurants and sweet stores during the week.

In addition, he noted that the total lockdown has given many restaurant owners additional burdens and are making them unable to continue operating and covering necessary expenses and salaries.

Hamada confirmed that the owners of restaurants and sweet shops are keen to adhere to public health standards, social distancing, sterilization, wearing masks and all other requirements set by official authorities to prevent and combat COVID-19 effectively.

Hamada reminded of the necessity of cancelling or reducing taxes and other fees imposed on domestic or imported basic food commodities in order to protect those with limited income and also to revitalize markets, the commercial sector and importers in promoting investments within the sector.

There is a need to form a higher council for food security in Jordan, in partnership between public and private sectors, in order to develop plans and strategies that contribute to solving problems found in the sector and to stimulate it to grow during the coming period in order to achieve the visions of His Majesty King Abdullah II to achieve food security and self-reliance, he added.

The food sector constitutes 30% of the commercial sector in Jordan, with over 50,000 large and small establishments which employ approximately 250,000 employees.