Jordanians call for end of weekly lockdown


Published: 2020-10-19 11:16

Last Updated: 2024-04-16 13:30

Jordanians call for end of weekly lockdown
Jordanians call for end of weekly lockdown

Jordnanians called for the end of the weekly two-day lockdown through a post on Roya's Facebook page, on Sunday.

Roya News asked people "Are you with the cancellation of the total lockdown on Friday and Saturday? Yes/No" and the majority voted yes.

Citizens consider the total lockdown useless in the fight against coronavirus and harmful to the local economy and citizens' psychological health, according to the comments.

Citizens expressed their frustration regarding the difficult economic situation and the ineffectiveness of the lockdown in reducing the number of new cases.

Others were supportive of the weekly lockdown and called for a 14-day total lockdown to combat the coronavirus crisis.

A source from the National Committee for Epidemics told Roya the committee did not make any recommendations regarding lockdowns.

We did not recommend a two-week total lockdown but if the numbers continue to increase, anything is expected, the source added.