Al-Khasawneh’s Cabinet sworn in


Published: 2020-10-12 14:20

Last Updated: 2020-10-12 18:43

Al-Khasawneh’s Cabinet sworn in
Al-Khasawneh’s Cabinet sworn in

The new Cabinet includes a total of 31 Ministers — 13 new ministers, 10 former ministers and eight ministers from Omar Al-Razzaz's government.

The eight ministers from the former Cabinet are:

  • Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates: Ayman Al-Safadi
  • Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs: Musa Al-Maaytah
  • Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources: Hala Zawati
  • Minister of Education: Tayseer Al-Nuaimi
  • Minister of Justice: Bassam Al-Talhouni
  • Minister of Finance: Mohamad Al-Ississ
  • Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs: Mohammad al-Khalaileh
  • Minister of Culture: Bassem Al Towaisi

Former Ministers:

  • Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs: Umayya Toukan
  • Deputy Prime Minister for Local Administration Affairs : Tawfiq Krishan
  • Minister of State for Media Affairs: Ali Al-Ayed
  • Minister of State for Legal Affairs: Ahmad Ziadat
  • Ministry of Public Works & Housing: Yahya Al-Kasabi
  • Minister of Agriculture: Mohammad Daoudiyeh
  • Minister of Tourism and Antiquities: Nayef Al-Fayez
  • Minister of State for Prime Minister Affairs: Ibrahim Mashhour Al-Jazi
  • Minister of Planning: Nasser Shraideh
  • Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply: Maha Al-Ali

New Ministers:

  • Minister of Interior: Tawfiq Al-Halalmeh
  • Minister of Health: Nathir Obeidat
  • Minister of Water and Irrigation: Motasem Saidan
  • Minister of Transport: Marwan Khaitan
  • Minister of Labour and Minister of Investment: Maen Al-Qatamin
  • Minister of Institutional Performance Development: Rabaa Ajarmeh
  • Minister of Higher Education: Mohammad Abu Qdais
  • Minister of Digital Economy And Entrepreneurship: Ahmad Al-Hanandeh
  • Minister of Youth: Mohammad Salameh Al-Nabulsi
  • Minister of Social Development: Ayman Mufleh
  • Minister of Environment: Nabil Masarwa
  • Minister of State: Mahmoud Kharabsheh
  • Minister of State for Governmental Follow-up and Coordination Affairs: Nawaf al-Tal

His Majesty King Abdullah II tasked Bisher Al-Khasawneh with forming the new Council of Ministers on Wednesday, October 7.

The announcement came after the resignation of Former Prime Minister, Omar al-Razzaz, on Saturday, following His Majesty's decision to dissolve the House of Representatives on September 27.