Discounts at Civil Service Consumer Corporation


Published: 2020-09-23 11:06

Last Updated: 2021-12-04 13:11

Discounts at Civil Service Consumer Corporation
Discounts at Civil Service Consumer Corporation

The Civil Service Consumer Corporation is offering discounts and promotional offers on more than 200 items, starting Wednesday until October 3.

The offers includes food and other products with discounts between 6% to 33%.

The Director General of the corporation, Salman Al-Qudah, said all offers and discounts are available in large quantities in all branches across the kingdom.

He called on citizens to take advantage of these offers and check their official Facebook page for details and prices.

"These offers and discounts come as a continuation of the corporation’s approach to support citizens, especially those with low and middle incomes, and protecting them from high prices," Al-Qudah added.

The discounts include chicken, frozen meat, powdered milk, vegetable oils, sugar, rice, tea, flour, halva, tahini, fish, honey, almonds, mixed spices, chickpeas, beans, tomato paste, canned tuna, canned sardines, spam meat, yoghurt, cheese, milk, natural juices, grains, legumes, potatoes, peas and frozen vegetables.

Other non-food items include detergents, shampoos, soaps, creams, paper and diapers.

All items passed the necessary laboratory tests and health requirements before they were displayed at the market, he added.