E-Learning mistakes to avoid


Published: 2020-09-20 15:48

Last Updated: 2023-02-08 02:47

E-Learning mistakes to avoid
E-Learning mistakes to avoid

British studies have found that children face difficulties staying focused during e-learning lessons and their attention span barely exceeds 15 minutes.

Children should not be engaging in online education for more than two hours a day, as e-learning does not equate to in-school classes, according to the studies.

Primary school teacher, Wasim Yousef, listed a few concerns that mothers should take into consideration during their children's e-learning experience:

  • Why do children have a short-focus span?
  • Children have different learning styles (Visual learning, auditory learning, etc.)
  • Children generally need more time to process new information
  • E-learning can be difficult due to long periods of being seated and still, and having a lack of healthy competition amongst peers

He also listed some common mistakes made by mothers:

  • Mothers can overwhelm their children with an overload of information
  • Mothers may not divide up tasks and lessons in an effective manner

Additionally, teachers who give e-lessons may fail to divide tasks and lessons efficiently as well

Recommendations for mothers to achieve optimum results:

  • Mothers should provide the child with efficient technology in order to ensure a smooth learning experience
  • Encouragement and rewarding systems are essential for the child’s motivation to learn
  • Adequate allocation of time to do homework in the evening in order to allow time for the child to comprehend effectively
  • Creating a suitable learning environment for children