Government reactivates military conscription


Published: 2020-09-06 17:16

Last Updated: 2020-09-06 18:52

Government reactivates military conscription
Government reactivates military conscription

Jordan will tackle unemployment by preparing youth for the labour market and reactivating the military conscription in its new form, said Jordan’s Prime Minister, Omar Al-Razzaz, during his weekly speech on Sunday.

Agriculture sector workers, among others, will be included in the social security program and health insurance to protect their rights.

The Ministry of Agriculture, the Civil Defence Directorate, Public Security Directorate, Jordanian Armed Forces, and many volunteers responded quickly to help extinguish the huge fire in Ajloun, he said.

“Those heroes who put out the fire in Ajloun worked under very harsh weather conditions and succeeded, thank God, in surrounding and extinguishing the fire, and protecting the precious souls of Jordanians,” he added.

Razzaz confirmed that the National Centre for Crisis Management has proven its importance in unifying and coordinating efforts between different ministries and the Jordanian Armed Forces, the Arab Army, security agencies and other relevant authorities.

The goal is to control the number of positive cases and deaths, until the end of this pandemic, which could take months or even years, he said.

In terms of numbers, Jordan proved to have the lowest number of cases per million people, when compared to other countries around the world, said Razzaz.

“It all also depends on the capabilities of the Jordanian health system and if the coronavirus crisis does not lead to its collapse, God forbid,” he added.

All these measures are being introduced while the world is going through a worsening global economic situation, which has been further affected by the coronavirus crisis.

“We will continue our efforts and programs aiming to stimulate the private sector and attract investments into Jordan, especially in promising sectors that proved their importance during the pandemic, such as the food, pharmaceutical and medical supplies industries,” he said.