Razzaz: measures at borders not up to standards


Published: 2020-08-16 14:11

Last Updated: 2020-08-16 17:36

Razzaz: measures at borders not up to standards
Razzaz: measures at borders not up to standards

The measures to tackle the coronavirus at the border crossings are not up to minimum required standards, the Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, declared during his weekly speech on Sunday.

The current health situation in Jordan requires being more careful and adhering to all health measures, as the country has been continuously recording new local COVID-19 cases, said Razzaz.

New precautionary measures have been announced in the past few days, such as the isolation of Ramtha district and the closure of Jaber Border Crossing, Razzaz said.

Additional health and safety measures have been introduced at al-Omari Border Crossing, to prevent the spread of the virus, said Razzaz.

Following orders from His Majesty King Abdullah II, the government is working on new procedures to enhance health services and ensure its quality in hospitals and health centers, Razzaz said.

The government is seeking to establish health centers in all Jordanian governorates, he added.

Razzaz also talked about the food poisoning incident that happened in Ain al-Basha, he said dealing with the incident will be on three levels, judicial, criminal and where to place responsibility.

Razzaz took the opportunity to congratulate all Tawjihi students who passed their exams.