Hajj begins amid coronavirus crisis


Published: 2020-07-29 16:53

Last Updated: 2023-06-06 05:23

Hajj begins amid coronavirus crisis
Hajj begins amid coronavirus crisis

Up to 10,000 mask-clad Muslims began pilgrimage rituals in Mecca on Wednesday.

The five-day pilgrimage was downsized by the Saudi Arabian government to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Only people who are already residing in Saudi Arabia were allowed to take part in this year’s pilgrimage.

According to local authorities, only 30% of pilgrims are of Saudi Arabian nationality, the other 70% are foreigners living in the Kingdom.

The Muslim community is witnessing an exceptional pilgrimage this year, as participants are just a small fraction of last year’s 2.5 million pilgrims.

Pilgrims had their temperatures checked and completed a short quarantine period.