Madaba prepares to re-open to tourists


Published: 2020-06-28 13:04

Last Updated: 2023-06-05 15:15


Madaba is preparing to reopen to tourists following the coronavirus lockdown, director of Madaba Tourism Wael al-Jaanini announced on Saturday, June 28.

He said 84 out of 104 tourist establishments in the governorate have been inspected to ensure they are abiding by health and safety regulations determined by the Ministry of Tourism. Businesses include shops, workshops, handicrafts, tourist restaurants and hotels.

A sticker has been placed on the entrance to the facilities that met the public health and safety requirements, added al-Jaanini.

The government has launched the programme Urdonna Jannah (Jordan Our Heaven) offering Jordanians a 40% subsidy towards trip costs in the hope of stimulating domestic tourism.

The first trip through the program will be to Madaba city.

Foreigners residing in Jordan are visiting tourist and archaeological sites, he added.

Ma'an Hot Springs Resort will be opened at the beginning of July, after completing maintenance work to receive visitors, and it will participate in the Urdonna Jannah program.

Madaba city is rich in its tourist and archaeological sites such as Mount Nebo, where the shrine of the Prophet Moses is located, as well as the Makawar Castle – home to the shrine of the Prophet Yahya, said al-Jaanini

There are also many churches, most notably the St George Church, in the city centre, as well as the Church of Apostles and the Shrine of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist.