Orange services keep businesses going amid COVID-19


Published: 2020-06-23 18:07

Last Updated: 2022-12-03 12:40

Orange services keep businesses going amid COVID-19
Orange services keep businesses going amid COVID-19

Businesses across the world are dealing with the massive impacts of COVID-19. In times of crisis, reliability and continuity gain even more relevance. Orange Jordan, the Kingdom’s partner in digital transformation, has continued to act as a partner of the business sector by providing a wide range of services and practices catering to different market needs.

Amid the pandemic, cyberattacks using COVID-19 as a lure were on the rise. This prompted Orange Jordan to communicate these threats with each enterprise customer, offer customized cybersecurity solutions and enable them to protect their business from malicious attacks.

Many businesses were not prepared to handle the drastic changes in work dictated by the unprecedented situation. Orange Jordan quickly adapted to market changes and offered End-to-End managed security services and secure VPN connections that would help customers work remotely while maintaining security and efficiency.

At the core of all these exceptional challenges lies digital transformation. We have witnessed the rise of online services and the growing need for a seamless transition from traditional disaster recovery and backup services to cloud solutions. Orange Business Cloud customers can reach the highest levels of cloud performance and expand their resources as they use and improve their operational capability. They can choose an independent data center or a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution to protect their data and to comply with local regulations.

Working from home became the new norm, which made collaboration tools at high demand. To continue processes as usual, virtual meetings and events became a necessity. Orange helps customers in utilizing available collaboration tools and incorporating real-time communication to optimize performance and complete tasks timely and efficiently.

Internet is an essential requirement to work from home, so Orange offered customers “Business Everywhere” service at special rates to support businesses in coping with this nationwide directive. The company also provided them with safe Virtual Desktop infrastructure (VDI) capabilities to enhance the working from home experience.

The crisis changed not only how businesses operated, but also how they communicated with clients. In time of social distancing, Orange Jordan backed businesses with bulk and profiled SMS services to help them communicate and market their products more efficiently, and with Orange Money services for a safer and easier payment method.

Furthermore, Orange supplied businesses with IVR service; a technology that allows customers to interact with a computerized system via a telephone keypad, to reach their desired destination.

Business requirements during this pandemic varied from one sector to another. Education has moved to our homes, which called for greater connectivity and stronger performance. Orange offers educational institutions, including universities, colleges, and learning centers, abundant data bundles at affordable rates.

The gradual return of employees to the workplace was met with even more caution. For this purpose, Orange is also offering customers thermal cameras to help them identify suspected cases.

The commitment of Orange Jordan will not stop at outlining solutions in the awake of any global crisis, it values businesses as partners and empowers positive changes in communities.

The rapid shift to digital modes of work, service and operation driven by the pandemic are encouraging all businesses, of all sizes and sectors, to consider adopting more tech-based solutions and accelerating migration to digital technologies on a larger scale, to face any future challenges with flexibility, resilience and adaptability.