EU to provide additional €200 in assistance to Jordan


Published: 2020-05-09 15:02

Last Updated: 2021-06-19 13:29

EU to provide additional €200 in assistance to Jordan
EU to provide additional €200 in assistance to Jordan

Ambassador / Head of the European Union Delegation in Jordan, Maria Hadjitheodosiou, said the EU will provide an additional €200 million Macro-Financial Assistance to Jordan to help safeguard the country’s economic and financial stability.

Her remarks came in a press statement on Saturday, on the occasion of "Europe Day" which is celebrated today.

Continuing: "Jordan, like all of the EU's valued partner countries, can continue to count on us for support, including in facing this crisis. To mention numbers, the EU is adjusting components of its ongoing and planned projects in Jordan worth €355 million to help address the immediate health crisis and to mitigate the pandemic’s socio-economic impact."

The EU-Jordanian partnership is more importantly about solidarity – with one another and with the international community, both regarding multilateralism as indispensable, she pointed out.

Similarly to the EU, Jordan has offered assistance to others in need. And the cooperation and solidarity between the Jordanian people and the government in the fight against COVID-19 have proven that if we all pull together, we will be better equipped to overcome this crisis more quickly and more effectively, she noted.

On the EU partnership, she said peace, solidarity and unity Economic cooperation among a few European states grew into a Single Market that allowed the free movement of people, goods and services – but also of opportunities, ideas, ideals and values.

"It grew into a Union of freedom and prosperity that values equality, human rights, multilateralism and the rule of law. This is what the EU has meant to its Member States and their citizens. To others, the EU has meant partnership, " she noted.

The pillars of the EU – unity and solidarity – are more important than ever today, as we seek to collectively confront the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a "Team Europe" approach, the EU as a whole – its institutions and the Member States – has combined efforts to provide a quick and effective response to assist those most in need to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, she added.

To build a coordinated international front against the virus, she said: "We need to act as one. The principles of unity and solidarity that inspired the European project 70 years ago, can guide our path to recovery today."