Construction sector resumes work today


Published: 2020-05-03 11:32

Last Updated: 2024-04-19 13:31

Construction sector resumes work today
Construction sector resumes work today

The construction sector, both public and private, was allowed to resume work as of today, May 3, President of the Jordan Contractors Association Ahmad Yacoub announced yesterday.

Yacoub confirmed that the sector is allowed to resume its work in full and without a specific manpower rate.

It was also agreed that the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), the Civil Defence Directorate (CDD), and the Land and Survey Department will start receiving the transactions of the engineering offices as of today, which will provide opportunities for new projects to be launched to support Jordan's economy.

"The Minister of Public Works and Housing, Eng. Falah Amoush, promised to hold a meeting later with the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) to facilitate procedures for obtaining soft loans for the construction sector," Yacoub stated.

The Minister also confirmed that there is no intention to cancel any of the existing government projects.

Yaqoub stressed the necessity of paying the contractors' dues, where Amoush stated that more than 120 contractors and consultants received their dues during the lockdown. Yacoub confirmed that the Ministry is receiving the financial claims ready for disbursement and is verifying them.

The decisions were taken during a meeting held by the representatives of the construction sector, President of the Jordan Contractors Association, President of the Jordan Engineers Association, President of the Investors Association and Chairman of the Engineering Offices Authority with His Excellency the Minister of Public Works and Housing last evening.

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