Disinfection is a science, not a craft


Published: 2020-04-18 19:13

Last Updated: 2020-04-18 19:13

Disinfection is a science, not a craft
Disinfection is a science, not a craft


Purity was established in 1999 offering a variety of products and services in the water treatment & Disinfection field. Throughout the years, the company has been known for providing engineering solutions and quality services to all its clients that it served. Purity is divided into two sectors, PWT that is for water treatment services and PDS that specializes in Disinfection Services. At PWT we cover a whole range of water treatment equipment such as filtration systems, RO Units, Industrial and residential water treatment and chemical supply. At PDS, we provide full and comprehensive disinfection services for all commercial, Municipal, Industrial & Residential sectors. Those services include:

  1. Indoor Disinfection
  2. Outdoor Disinfection
  3. Water Storage Tanks Disinfection
  4. Pipeline (Distribution System) Disinfection
  5. AC Duct Disinfection
  6. Light Vehicle Disinfection
  7. Heavy Vehicle Disinfection

Purity uses high-quality products and the latest Technologies to conduct the above services. Our procedures to conducting the disinfection services vary. For example we have different sets of procedures that have been studied and approved to conduct disinfection works for medical facilities, residential facilities, food and beverage facilities and so on. Those procedures are strict, and our team goes through extensive training and safety measures to ensure customer satisfaction and high-quality services.

Purity in Jordan

Our branch have opened in Amman in November of 2019 and it was established after conducting market research and finding that there are no companies that specialize in the disinfection field and that any company can claim to provide those services without having prior approvals or certificates. As we were preparing to launch, the COVID-19 epidemic has started and we have seen the rise of cleaning and pest control companies claiming to provide those services with no prior study or knowledge in the field. Disinfection is a science and requires deep knowledge and extensive training to be able to provide the correct solution for a given project whether it is the material used, procedure followed, and the application of strict safety measures to ensure the safety of the team and clients. Furthermore, we are here in Jordan operating on a residential, commercial and industrial level to provide the right disinfection procedures, use the approved chemicals and applying the latest technologies.

Purity’s Initiative at supporting the Jordanian Government in the fight against the Corona Virus Epidemic

We have started this initiative one day prior to the quarantine and decided to provide our disinfection services to the biggest number of government facilities and have since then been able to complete over 20 government facilities including a variety of police stations, Public Security Directorate HQ, Ministry of Industry Trade & Supply, Prime ministry, Jordan Radio and Television Corporation and so on. This initiative has been going and we are still going to continue supporting our government in this fight against this epidemic.

Private Entities

Purity offers disinfection services for the private sector as well. Since the epidemic, we have been able to complete a variety of well-known establishments in many different industries like the hotel industries (W Residence & ST. Regis Residence), Medical Facilities (MedLabs) Money Exchange (Musharbash Exchange), Residential homes, buildings and apartments, and we are continuing to provide those services to all entities prioritizing establishments that need it the most.

How are we Different?

We don’t just send our team, we send an engineer or a chemist to inspect and study the site to ensure all high contamination areas are going to be covered and pointed to the team before executing the job.

We have different sets of procedures that apply to different sectors and comply with world standards onto disinfection processes.

Disinfectant Chemicals are prepared by chemists and/or engineers and tested prior to execution to ensure effectiveness and safety. Different types of disinfectants are applied to different sites and many factors are taken into consideration before choosing the correct material.

A leader always leads the team on site to make sure all areas of contamination have been covered to ensure safety and quality of our work.

Our team goes through extensive trainings and goes through strict safety procedures and is equipped with all the required PPE to ensure our, and our customer’s safety.

We do it the right way, we are approved, and we only provide the required procedure and nothing less. We care about our people and our customer’s health and we do not accept any job that is for showing purposes. Disinfection is under the health sector, it is a serious and important service and we make sure it is up to the highest standards. Those are tough times, ask all the questions needed, and make sure you have the full picture of the materials and procedures before deciding on letting someone into your facility to provide a disinfection service.