COVID-19 patient who underwent caesarian operation, baby girl in good health


Published: 2020-03-28 12:17

Last Updated: 2020-03-28 12:44

Dr.Zaghal and a nurse with the baby go
Dr.Zaghal and a nurse with the baby go

Obstetrician Layla Ali Zaghal has said that the coronavirus patient who underwent a successful caesarian operation on early Friday, March 27, and the baby are in good health condition.

In a statement to Roya this morning, Dr. Zaghal has confirmed that the baby girl tested negative for the virus.

"Studies indicate that the virus cannot be transmitted through breastfeeding or delivery. However, it trasmits through touching and close contact," she explained.

"The baby was completely isolated from the mother, and a nurse was assigned to take care of her," Zaghal stated.

She indicated that the delivery took place within the strict procedures and follow-up by the National Committee for Epidemics, where the operation was successfully completed, adding that the medical personnel put on special clothing.

The patient, the sister in law of the Irbid groom, had been infected at the wedding and was at her ninth month of pregnancy.

She had been hospitalized at Prince Hashem Military Hospital in quarantine and had to be transferred to the Founding King hospital where Dr.Zaghal was summoned to operate.