Public Works Ministry announces 'ultimate emergency state'


Published: 2020-01-20 15:25

Last Updated: 2020-01-20 15:44

Public Works Ministry announces 'ultimate emergency state'
Public Works Ministry announces 'ultimate emergency state'

The Ministry of Public Works and Housing has declared "ultimate state of emergency", as the Kingdom is expected to get affected by a second-degree weather depression.

Spokesman for the Ministry, Omar Maharmeh said in a statement that the Ministry calls on citizens to take caution, stay away from lowlands and valleys, and to report any emergency case to the main operations room of the Ministry or via the "Public works notifications system" application.

He also confirmed the Ministry's readiness to deal with the expected bad weather conditions.

The Ministry had prepared an integrated emergency plan for winter that included setting up operation rooms in the various public works directorates, carrying out the necessary maintenance works in the valleys, flood streams and sewerage networks, and securing the mechanisms that may be required to deal with various weather conditions.

The Ministry called on citizens to contact the main emergency rooms and operations rooms in its directorates and offices in case of emergency at 0780300633, 065862589 or 065829631.

The Ministry has also called on citizens to call the following phone numbers in case of emergency:

Amman: 0780377291
Irbid: 0780377276
Balqa: 0780377413
Zarqa: 0780377125
Tafilah: 0780377160
Aqaba: 0780377351
Karak: 0780377147
Mafraq: 0780377389
Jerash: 0780377187
Ajloun: 0780377324
Madaba: 0780377366
Ma'an: 0780377338
Petra: 0780377398

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