Second-degree weather depression to hit the Kingdom tomorrow evening


Published: 2020-01-16 17:11

Last Updated: 2020-01-17 23:21


A second-degree weather depression centered over the southeastern basin of the Mediterranean Sea is expected to hit the Kingdom as of tomorrow evening and until Sunday, January 19, according to Arabia Weather.

A remarkable drop in temperatures is in the forecast tomorrow evening, as they may be 2-4 degrees below their annual average.

Cold, cloudy and rainy weather is in the forecast in the northern and central areas of the Kingdom, parts of the southern high areas and eastern Badia.

Foggy skies are expected in the high mountains, with eastern moderate to high-speed winds.

The weather depression is forecast to peak on Sunday, especially in the northern areas and parts of the central areas of the Kingdom.

Weather depressions have been classified according to the weather depressions intensity indicator into five degrees:

  • First-degree: weather depression usually accompanied by showers of rain.
  • Second-degree: accompanied by some rainfall and affects some areas
  • Third-degree: accompanied by medium to heavy rainfall, strong winds and some snow showers in some areas.
  • Fourth-degree: is a weather depression which highly affects most areas of the Kingdom, accompanied by heavy rainfall, strong winds, a significant drop in temperatures, and snowfall at times.
  • Fifth-degree: usually called a "winter storm" and is accompanied by torrential rainfall, strong winds, a remarkable decrease in temperatures and heavy snowfall in various parts of the Kingdom.