Environment Minister: Roadmap to eliminate use of plastic bags


Published: 2020-01-05 16:45

Last Updated: 2023-09-28 02:24

Environment Minister: Roadmap to eliminate use of plastic bags
Environment Minister: Roadmap to eliminate use of plastic bags

Ministry of Environment has developed a final draft roadmap to eliminate the use of traditional plastic bags and for replacing them with environmentally friendly shopping bags, Environment Minister, Saleh Al-Kharabsheh said.

In press statements, Kharabsheh explained that the project will be carried out within the next three years in order to reduce the negative impacts caused by the production and use of plastic bags.

Kharabsheh clarified that the roadmap proposal is linked to a detailed timetable and is based on studies and scientific analysis of the market situation taking into consideration the environmental and economic dimensions through a holistic approach targeting the relevant authorities and specifically the sources of production and importation, distributors, consumers and relevant government agencies.

The project will be carried out through several stages that mainly depend on preparing a comprehensive and detailed study on the readiness and needs of the local market by studying the quantities of plastic shopping bags that are produced or imported from abroad, the number of establishments and factories that produce these bags and the number of wholesale and retail.

This study will provide an in-depth analysis of the most important environmental and economic problems resulting from the use of plastic bags and their impact on human health and the environment. It also provides a clear vision of the technical and financial requirements and procedures required to develop the existing industries in order to produce environmentally friendly and multi-use bags, such as paper and cloth bags, Kharabsheh added.

He indicated that the study will determine the role of the government and institutions responsible for empowering the private sector in this project. Based on the results of the study, the Ministry will work on issuing appropriate legislation and policy to shift toward using environmentally friendly bags instead of traditional plastic bags.

A clear funding strategy will also be developed on the financing needs to develop existing industries and businesses to carry out this project.

The social marketing campaign targets school students, families, teachers, employees, supply market departments, large shopping markets, pioneers of these markets, small shopping markets, shops and owners of bakeries and restaurants, Kharabsheh noted.

This roadmap provides a detailed description of the implementation mechanisms and has put in place several series of practical steps targeting the major food markets, through which the Ministry will motivate the consumer to use environmentally friendly plastic bags.

A clear mechanism will be developed to carry out this project which will include economically feasible options, such as not offering biodegradable plastic bags for free when people do shopping, Kharabsheh stated.

He pointed out that the implementation of this roadmap will be in cooperation with partner government institutions, chambers of industry and chambers of commerce and the Royal Department for Environment Protection.