Government announces third economic stimulus package


Published: 2019-12-05 11:50

Last Updated: 2024-06-22 04:22

During the press conference
During the press conference

During a press conference held today, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz has announced the third economic stimulus package, which aims to improve the living conditions of citizens and the services provided to them.

During the conference, Razzaz said the third stimulus package includes increasing wages of public sector employees.

Razzaz said that an increase of 45% was witnessed in the sales in the real estate market since October 10, 2019.

He mentioned, "We hope that all these measures will help improve the national economy and living conditions of the citizens.

Razzaz stressed that the third package focuses on improving salaries and wages and the government performance, stressing that 700, 000 citizens will touch the impact of the third economic package.

"There are direct effects touched by the citizen through the previous packages, including the reduction of customs duties and stimulation of the real estate sector," the Prime Minister stated.

Razzaz said, "The government is keen to achieve justice in all sectors and categories, where the government focused on employees who receive the lowest income, such as civil and military employees."

There was an urgent need to review the civil service system to achieve justice and the developmental goals of Jordan.

Razzaz pointed out that there is a direct relationship between improving wages and salaries and linking them to performance, and that raising salaries is an entitlement for public sector employees and military employees.

The government had earlier announced two stimulus economic packages, which fall under through four main axes, namely increasing wages and salaries, stimulating the economy and investment, improving the quality of services provided to citizens, and administrative and financial reform.

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