Several weather depressions to hit Jordan in the next 10 days


Published: 2019-12-03 12:18

Last Updated: 2019-12-03 15:23

Several weather depressions to hit Jordan in the next 10 days
Several weather depressions to hit Jordan in the next 10 days

Jordan and the rest of the Eastern Mediterranean countries are likely to get affected by more than one weather depression in the next 10 days, according to Arabia Weather.

A First-degree weather depression expected this weekend:

According to the weather depressions intensity indicator, the Kingdom is expected to get affected by a first-degree weather depression this weekend.

During daytime on Thursday, December 5, and Friday, December 6, several areas of Jordan, particularly the northern and central areas, are predicted to witness rainfall.

A low chance of rain is predicted on Saturday, December 7, yet a remarkable drop in temperatures and strong winds are expected.

On Saturday night, frost is in the forecast in various parts of Jordan.

Another weather depression by mid of next week:

Jordan is predicted to witness a strong air mass on Monday, December 9, and Tuesday, December 10.

This weather depression is expected to bring heavy rainfall in most parts of the Kingdom. However, there will be no chance of snowfall.

A weather depression by the end of next week:

A third weather depression is predicted to affect the Kingdom on Thursday, December 12.

It is expected to bring more rain to several areas in the Levant, including Jordan.

No more details about the weather depression have been issued so far, but initial reports indicate that there won't be any chance of snowfall.

The weather depressions intensity indicator depends on several factors:

  • Total rainfall in all areas affected by the weather depression in the Kingdom and the number of areas to be affected
  • Wind speed
  • Temperatures, duration and period of the weather depression
  • Snowfall
Weather depressions have been classified according to this indicator into five degrees:
  • First-degree: weather depression usually accompanied by showers of rain.
  • Second-degree: accompanied by some rainfall and affects some areas
  • Third-degree: accompanied by medium to heavy rainfall, strong winds and some snow showers in some areas.
  • Fourth-degree: is a weather depression which highly affects most areas of the Kingdom, accompanied by heavy rainfall, strong winds, a significant drop in temperatures, and snowfall at times.
  • Fifth-degree: usually called a "winter storm" and is accompanied by torrential rainfall, strong winds, a remarkable decrease in temperatures and heavy snowfall in various parts of the Kingdom.