General Iftaa' Department issues statement following Jerash stabbing incident


Published: 2019-11-06 16:35

Last Updated: 2022-05-24 14:12

Photo from the scene of the incident
Photo from the scene of the incident

The Jordanian General Iftaa’ Department has issued a statement following the stabbing incident that took place in the ancient city of Jerash today.

The statement read:

All perfect praise be to Allah The Lord of The Worlds and may His peace and blessings be upon our prophet Muhammad and upon all of his family and companions.

The attack on the tourists is a heinous crime that contradicts the values of our Islamic religion, which commands us to honor the guest and preserve the sanctity of human souls.

It is a crime that is not accepted by any norm or religion, and has nothing to do with our authentic Arab Islamic ethics in this blessed country, the country of security and safety.

May God protect Jordan to remain an oasis of security and safety.