Report: 605 people committed suicide in Jordan during last 5 years


Published: 2019-09-09 14:25

Last Updated: 2024-02-28 13:47

Report: 605 people committed suicide in Jordan during last 5 years
Report: 605 people committed suicide in Jordan during last 5 years

The World Suicide Prevention Day is an awareness day observed on September 10 every year, in order to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicide.

Suicide is considered an international phenomenon, where reports indicate that around 800,000 people around the world commit suicide every year. This means that out of every 100,000 individual, 11.4 cases of suicide take place in the world.

This average varies between the two genders, where out of the 100, 000 cases, 15 males commit suicide, while eight of the cases are committed by females.

Suicide is considered the 15th leading cause of death worldwide' however, it is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people aged between 15-29 years.

Every 40 seconds, the world witnesses one case of suicide, a report issued by the Sisterhood is Global Institute (SIGI) indicated.

Suicide is usually committed in low- or middle-income countries, with a higher average among females.

In high-income countries, the number of males who commit suicide is three times as high as that of women, while in middle- and low-income countries, the proportion is halved.

The report revealed that four out of every 1000 people above the age of 18 attempts to commit suicide in various countries of the world. For every single suicide attempt, 20 people from the same age group commit suicide.

In Jordan, suicide and suicide attempts, especially among females, has become an issue of great importance after the Kingdom witnessed a steady rise in the number of suicide cases over the past seven years (2012-2018).

Around 30% of suicide cases are committed by females, while 62% are committed by males.

The annual statistical report for 2018, issued by the Department of Statistics, showed the continuous increase in the total number of suicide cases in Jordan during the past years, where around 142 people had committed suicide during 2018, an increase of 9.2% compared to 2017.

According to the 2018 report, around 100 suicide cases were registered in 2014, 113 in 2015, 120 in 2016, 130 in 2017 and 142 in 2018.