Students seen leaving schools as teachers strike


Published: 2019-09-08 11:46

Last Updated: 2019-09-08 11:59

Students seen leaving schools as teachers strike
Students seen leaving schools as teachers strike

Video footage taken by Roya cameras showed students leaving their schools two hours after teachers started an open strike today.

Students left their schools as teachers refused to enter classrooms or give lessons until their demands are met.

Roya cameras took footage of two students in Amman as they were seen leaving their school.

When Roya's correspondent asked the students, "Why are you leaving?," they replied, "What shall we do! All students have left school. Teachers are still there, but they decided not to give lessons."

For its part, the Ministry of Education had earlier called on teachers to make students' interests a priority, stop the strike and resort to dialogue with the government.l

Spokesman for the Ministry, Walid Jallad had also confirmed that the government is committed to dialogue with teachers in order not for the strike to negatively affect students and the educational process.

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