Tawjihi results officially announced, top achiever in the Kingdom got 100%


Published: 2019-07-25 11:49

Last Updated: 2019-07-25 12:39

Student Ahmad Sami Hasan Othman
Student Ahmad Sami Hasan Othman
Roya News Source

At 11 am on Thursday, July 25, 2019, the Ministry of Education released the 2019 session results of the General Secondary Education Certificate Examination (Tawjihi).

The Minister of Education, Waleed Maani, held a press conference at the Queen Rania Al Abdullah Educational Technology Center during which he officially announced the results. He also announced the names of the top achievers in all academic and vocational streams.

During the conference, Maani said that the success rate was 58% with 77,000 out of 159,000 passed.

Maani further said that Ahmad Sami Hasan Othman achieved 100%, the highest mark in the Kingdom and in the scientific stream.

You can check Tawjihi results here.

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Top achievers in Tawjihi arrive at Queen Rania Center to attend conference