International conference to discuss Jordan's economic reforms


Published: 2019-07-13 20:30

Last Updated: 2024-02-24 16:50

International conference to discuss Jordan's economic reforms
International conference to discuss Jordan's economic reforms

The Jordanian Society for Scientific Research, Entrepreneurship and Creativity has called on economic experts to participate in the fifth edition of its international economic conference, which will be organized next Saturday, July 20, 2019, to discuss emerging economies, reform programs, and international standards.

In a press statement released on Saturday, President of the society, Dr. Rida Khawaldeh said the conference, entitled "Emerging Economies between Economic Programs and International Standards," will discuss economic reform programs implemented by Jordan and their impact on the performance and development of various economic sectors in addition to their contribution to improving living standards.

He added that the local and global economic landscape has undergone significant changes over the last three decades, resulting in the adoption of many international standards in the main sectors, especially financial and trade sectors.

Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for the Conference, Dr. Samer Rajoub, highlighted the conference's themes, foremost of which are economic reform programs, international standards in emerging economies, taxation and the stability of legislation.

He pointed out that the event will collect recommendations and forward them to decision makers and specialized bodies to look into and use them.