PM orders immediate actions against government vehicle violations


Published: 2019-07-01 11:20

Last Updated: 2019-07-01 12:02

Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz
Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz

Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz has ordered that immediate actions be taken to address government vehicle violations monitored by the government’s tracking system, and to hold violators accountable according to the laws and regulations in force.

Razzaz ordered those actions after he had received a special report on the violations monitored by the Electronic Tracking Directorate of government vehicles and monitoring their use in the Ministry of Transport, and violations that were recorded under the law of the use of government vehicles.

The report revealed that 15 cases of lost tracking devices installed on government vehicles, and 63 cases of tampering with those devices were recorded.

Razzaz ordered that the officials who are responsible for the unintentional loss of those devices must be fined and that the officials responsible for the intentional loss must be referred to the competent judicial authorities.

The actions will include the withdrawal of government vehicles, where they will be put in the customs square of the General Supplies Department.

In addition, the necessary measures and penalties will be taken against those who use the government's vehicles without being on an official mission or those who use the vehicles outside the official working hours and without receiving an official permit.

The report indicated that about 650 public vehicle violations were recorded between June 19 and June 25, 542 of which were committed outside the official working hours.