Jordanian, Russian, American officials to meet soon to discuss issue of Rukban camp


Published: 2019-04-08 11:39

Last Updated: 2024-06-21 14:09

The Rukban camp
The Rukban camp

Jordan will host a Russian-American-Jordanian meeting before the end of this month to discuss the issue of the Rukban camp for displaced Syrians, unnamed diplomatic sources in Amman stated on Sunday, April 7, 2019.

Minister of Foreign and Expatriates Affairs Ayman Safadi said in a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov that the displaced Syrians must return to their homes, pointing out that "the Rukban is a Syrian issue because it is placed on Syrian territory and the Syrians are in it."

The Russian Foreign Minister reiterated his country's position towards this issue until displaced Syrians return to their permanent places of residence.

Russian and Syrian military and political officials have warned that the situation in the camp is close to a humanitarian catastrophe.

Moscow has called for the dismantling of the Rukban camp urgently; however, US representatives have been refusing to participate so far in consultations with Russia on this issue.

The Rukban camp is an area in Syria near the extreme northeast of Jordan, close to the joint borders with Syria and Iraq and it became a refugee camp for Syrians in 2014. The 55-kilometer camp is surrounded by a US military base in the Al-Tanf area.