Open campaign to raise JDs 100 million to UJ


Published: 2019-03-20 17:15

Last Updated: 2023-06-07 11:10

Open campaign to raise JDs 100 million to UJ
Open campaign to raise JDs 100 million to UJ

President of the University of Jordan, Dr. Abdelkarim Al-Qudah launched on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, an open donation campaign entitled "University of Jordan Development Initiative" to raise JDs 100 million for developing the University and strengthening its infrastructure.

The Dean's Council offered JDs 100,000, while JDs 50,000 were offered by the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Dentistry's councils, JDs 10,000 were offered by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Professor Dr. Senator Adnan Badran, and JDs 15,000 were offered by Professor Dr. Mohammed Hamdan as a donation to the University.

During the launching ceremony of the initiative, Professor Badran said that the launching of the initiative is urgent for the University to become an appropriate environment to students and professors and to provide vital services that enable the University to turn into a productive and a financially stable government institution.

Qudah explained that the initiative will be divided into four starting with the university's council, followed by the fresh graduates, the Jordanian community and then institutions and individuals in the brotherly countries.

One of the University graduates, Ayman Majali, also a father of one of the students studying at the University, delivered a speech on behalf of the parents of the students, through which he called for supporting the initiative and making it as successful as possible.

During his speech, Majali announced that he will be donating JDs 5,000.

The University of Jordan has decided to take the initiative and seek support to enable it to implement its development plans and projects.