Ghunaimat: Media is driving force of public opinion


Published: 2019-03-20 13:20

Last Updated: 2019-03-20 14:06

Ghunaimat: Media is driving force of public opinion
Ghunaimat: Media is driving force of public opinion
Roya News Source

Minister of State for Media Affairs and the government spokesperson, Jumana Ghunaimat, emphasized on the media’s important and vital roles that constitute a full cycle of cultural, informational, and intellectual communication.

During a lecture at the Royal Police Academy on Tuesday, 19 March, Ghunaimat pointed out the important role of media as a driving force of public opinion and its ability to positively or negatively influence people.

She said that the media war needs the right tools to face it and that the most important thing in this war is the awareness and support of the people.

"We seek to rebuild the bridges of trust between the state media and the citizens and this takes some time to implement," she said, pointing out that all solutions are considered as part of plans that will bear fruit in the upcoming phase.

She noted the important role played by the media spokespersons of all government ministries and departments in giving media discourse utmost care and so that there will be a trusted source for news as fast as possible to counter rumors and false news.

The Minister also said that the government has put a scheme in place for consolidating the principle that the people have a right to know, consequently the government launched the electronic platform "You have the right to know" (in Arabic "Hagak Tiraf") with the aim of combating rumors and enhancing access to information.