Student’s family assaults 7 teachers in Zarqa


Published: 2019-03-17 12:12

Last Updated: 2019-03-17 12:17

Student’s family assaults 7 teachers in Zarqa
Student’s family assaults 7 teachers in Zarqa
Roya News Source

Seven teachers were attacked on Sunday, 17 March, by a student’s family members at Tareq Ben Zeyad school in Zarqa Governorate.

The school was closed after a student’s parent and family cursed the teachers and attacked them with sharp objects and sticks, according to some of the teachers.

The director of Zarqa Directorate of Education, Salem Khlifat, told Roya that a fight broke out between one of the teachers and a student’s parent, who used a pocket knife to threaten the teacher.

Khlifat added that the student's parent and 15 members of his family stormed into the school’s campus and threw stones at the building, pointing out that the Ministry and the Administrative Governor are taking the necessary legal procedures.

The Head of Jordan Teachers Association in Zarqa, Ahmed Abu Baker, said that the teachers lodged a complaint, adding that police is still looking for the defendants.