German wedding at Ma'in Hot Springs


Published: 2019-03-10 11:44

Last Updated: 2019-03-10 12:01

German wedding at Ma'in Hot Springs
German wedding at Ma'in Hot Springs
Roya News Source

“We did not find any place better than Jordan to hold our wedding.”

Sabrina and Thomas Burke from Germany planned their Jordanian wedding for months in the conviction that it is a blessed and holy land like no other place in the world.

The idea of holding their wedding at the Ma'in hot springs came at the recommendation of a German tourism promoter, as the place encompasses the natural and historical diversity of Jordan.

The ceremony, which was attended by 50 guests from Germany, was held at the Ma'in resort within simple traditional rites that included hymns and music amidst the joy of the happy couple and the wedding guests.

General Manager of Evason Ma'in Hot Springs, George Siouty said that he was informed of the date of the ceremony months in advance, which gave him enough time to prepare for this occasion. This was the first time foreigners got married at the resort, and they have expressed their happiness in the good reception, services, and hospitality.