Amman Municipality promises Jordanians restoration of public parks


Published: 2019-02-23 12:17

Last Updated: 2019-02-23 13:54

Amman Municipality promises Jordanians restoration of public parks
Amman Municipality promises Jordanians restoration of public parks
Roya News Source

The Deputy Mayor of Amman, Hazim Naimat, held a workshop on the improvement of the green infrastructure in Jordan through intensive labor procedures (work for pay) under the agreement between the Government of Germany and the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The project aims to support municipalities and communities hosting Syrian refugees by improving public spaces and green areas, and improving the living conditions of refugees.

Naimat pointed out that the Municipality of Amman adopts community projects that serve the public interest of the city and the citizen. He pointed out cooperative initiatives with international agencies to achieve developmental services in the capital areas. These include the partnership with the German International Cooperation Agency.

The project will be jointly developed by the Amman Municipality and the Ministry of the Environment with the funding and implementation of the German International Cooperation Agency. It will include the areas of Amman, Qweira, Sahab and Zarqa to improve the green infrastructure by restoring parks, playgrounds and outdoor sports facilities to be suitable for use by planting trees and establishing areas for hiking and walkways.

The Municipality's Deputy Director for Environment, Bassem Tarawneh, said that the Municipality of Amman is working to provide a safe environment, as well as to view the needs and implement projects that simulate the local community.

"The project is part of the environment and climate file in the German organization, and Amman Municipality is a key partner in such projects," said Julie Waltzin, director of the Green Infrastructure Improvement Project of the German Cooperation Agency.

She added that the project aims to establish and develop the green infrastructure and increase the areas of hiking, and support the refugees through the program of workers and equal proportions of support with Jordanian labor to ensure continuity of the provision of fixed income in limited periods.

The Project Manager Eng. Nancy Qaqaa said that the design of the project will be carried out through a special engineering office and a contractor from the German International Cooperation Agency. The role of the Municipality is to perpetuate the work and reflect the partnership between the Secretariat and the community.

Qaqaa said the aim of the project is to develop green infrastructure and implement interventions in open public spaces such as parks, recreation areas, playgrounds, pedestrian areas, public stairways and urban agriculture.