Registering for bread subsidies to start Wednesday


Published: 2019-02-19 13:31

Last Updated: 2022-12-03 07:40

Registering for bread subsidies to start Wednesday
Registering for bread subsidies to start Wednesday

Registering for bread subsidy will start Wednesday, February 20, 2019, through the website ( for a duration of 90 days.

According to the Assistant Director General of the Department, Moussa Tarawneh, the application will only be held through the heads of households, by filling in the amount of annual income for all members of the family for the year 2018, stressing that the tax will only be adopted at the disbursement of support data income and civil status for the year 2018.

Tarawneh ,during an interview with Roya, talked about the documents needed to register for the subsidies which include; national ID number for the head of the household, civil number found inside family book, a valid phone number, stressing on the need to obtain "proof of request" that is available through the same site upon completion of registration, which includes the serial number of the application.

The Income and Sales Tax Department said that all Jordanians are entitled to apply except for the excluded categories: government and security sector employees, civil and military retirees, and social security pensioners who will be receiving it directly through their salaries.

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz approved the disbursement of the 2019 direct cash subsidy (bread subsidy) for beneficiaries with the same amount of 2018's.

The subsidy will go to those registered with National Aid Fund at JOD 33 per capita, while other beneficiaries will receive JOD 27.

Citizens who benefited from bread subsidies last year had an annual salary of no more than JOD 12,000 for a family and 6,000 for individuals.

The applications are via the link, which will be activated on Wednesday