57 Achievements by His Majesty King Abdullah II


Published: 2019-01-30 11:55

Last Updated: 2019-01-30 13:35

57 Achievements by His Majesty King Abdullah II
57 Achievements by His Majesty King Abdullah II
Roya News Source

January 30, 2019 marks the 57th birthday of His Majesty King Abdullah II.

His Majesty the King is the forty-first grandson of Prophet Muhammad, and the eldest son of His Majesty the late King Hussein and HRH Princess Muna.

Roya reviews 57 achievements of His Majesty the King during his reign:

  1. Computerization of education in 1999.
  2. The establishment of the National Center for Human Rights by Royal Decree in 2002.
  3. Establishment of Aqaba Special Economic Zone as a Free Zone in 2001.
  4. King Abdullah II project for housing poor families in different governorates in 2005.
  5. Jordan's accession to the WTO in 2002.
  6. Launch of the Amman Message in 2004 to the whole world, to highlight the tolerant image of Islam.
  7. Establishment of the Anti-Corruption Commission in 2005.
  8. Establishing King Abdullah II Center for Excellence in 2006 with the aim of spreading the culture of excellence.
  9. Establishing King Abdullah II Fund for Development in 2001 to reduce poverty and unemployment.
  10. The development of the King Abdullah II Fitness Award in 2017.
  11. Establishment of the Royal Tanks Museum in 2018.
  12. Pushing the process of political reform through meetings and dialogues and guidance by the development of legislation.
  13. Developing economic life and establishing factories in various regions of the Kingdom.
  14. Undertaking several economic steps in the Dead Sea area in 1999, for the purpose of consolidating relations between the public sector and the private sector.
  15. Announcing the Royal Grant to children of teachers with a 5% off of university seats and institutes in 2010.
  16. Received the Templeton Prize in 2018.
  17. Making political decisions that serve Jordan's supreme interest, the most important of which is the decision to end the leasing of the land of Baqoura and Ghamr in 2018.
  18. Development and sponsorship of education in the opening of the World Science Forum 2017.
  19. Health development of cancer patients with the opening of the new extension of the King Hussein Cancer Center 2017.
  20. Promoting religious tolerance in the opening of the new building of the mosque of Jamea al-Arab in Zarqa Governorate as part of a visit to the region.
  21. His Majesty launches the National Strategy for Human Resource Development in 2016.
  22. Promoting dialogue with future generations.
  23. Emphasizing the role and importance of the Jordanian worker and enhancing his status.
  24. Protecting Jordanians from unfair economic decisions that affect the lives of Jordanians.
  25. Representing Jordan in international forums in giving a speech at the Sandhurst Academy in August 2017.
  26. Meeting with a number of families of martyrs of the armed forces and security services.
  27. Enhancing and improving the governmental health dimension through the King's visit to the emergency department at Al-Bashir Governmental Hospital and inspecting the reality of health services provided to citizens.
  28. Inauguration of the first round of solar projects in Ma'an as part of the Royal quest to provide energy alternatives to ease the burden on the homeland.
  29. Attracting investment to the Kingdom during the opening session of the World Economic Forum 2015.
  30. Launching a series of discussion papers focusing on building, development and the concept of effective citizenship.
  31. A royal directive to the government to issue a third amnesty law under His Majesty's reign and to walk through its constitutional stages.
  32. King’s visit to Al-Hussein Medical City to have periodic medical examinations.
  33. King's participation with Queen Rania and a number of young people to plant trees on the occasion of Tree Day.
  34. The King presided over the 28th Arab Summit Conference in the Dead Sea and welcomed Kings, presidents and leaders of the Arab nation to emphasize the status and role of Jordan.
  35. Inspecting the conditions of Jordanians in the field, such as visiting the town of Al-Mashare'a in the northern Jordan Valley.
  36. Restoration of the Tomb of Jesus at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem at his Majesty’s own expense in 2016 to promote religious tolerance.
  37. Supporting Emerging Projects: His Majesty opens the Jordan Shop “Urdon Shop” to support and promote traditional industries and crafts.
  38. King sets the cornerstone for King Abdullah Gardens in Irbid 2006.
  39. Inauguration of an interactive electronic gaming lab to meet the needs of online game designers and developers of talented students and provide the latest technology.
  40. Inauguration of health, education and social projects in the southern Jordan Valley.
  41. Supporting projects in Ghor Fifa in 2017.
  42. Strengthening Economic Activity: King inaugurates Aqaba Logistics Village 2009.
  43. The King launches the Smart Card and receives his ID card.
  44. King launches National Youth Strategy 2005.
  45. Enhancing the role of science, such as laying the foundation stone for the Faculty of Journalism in Yarmouk University, Irbid.
  46. Emphasising tolerance among religions, for example the opening of the Greater Nablus Mosque in the Yasmeen neighborhood.
  47. The King was involved in extinguishing the fire of Al Kamalyah which strengthened the idea of citizenship and gave a living example.
  48. Caring for religious celebrations and the participation of different sects in Jordan and Palestine.
  49. King inaugurates King Talal Military Hospital in Mafraq governorate to provide the best health services
  50. Enhancing the role and prestige of the military establishment by recalling its mission under the auspices of the celebration of the 49th anniversary of the Battle of Karama in the Martyr's Shrine.
  51. King inaugurates the new headquarters of the Queen Rania Academy for Teacher Training on the campus of the University of Jordan, emphasizing the development of Jordanian education.
  52. Supporting the political life and directing the concerned bodies to serve the homeland and the citizen, such as the Speech from the Throne at the opening of the Third Ordinary Session of the Eighteenth National Assembly.
  53. Raising the ceiling of freedom by continually meeting with a number of media journalists and writers.
  54. Reviewing the reality of the situation of Jordanians and addressing their concerns through Royal meetings with citizens.
  55. Sponsorship of excellence and progress, for example, the launch of the Jordanian Nuclear Reactor for Research and Training at the University of Science and Technology in Irbid.
  56. Completion of major projects, such as the launch of the Disi water pumping project to Amman and a number of governorates in 2013.
  57. Preserving the interests of Jordanians by stopping the decision to amend the prices of fuel and electricity.