Jordanian Inventor emigrates after government ignores his achievements


Published: 2019-01-30 11:09

Last Updated: 2019-01-30 11:55

Jordanian Inventor emigrates after government ignores his achievements
Jordanian Inventor emigrates after government ignores his achievements
Roya News Source

Roya’s program “Minds Under the Microscope” which is part of the “Caravan” show highlights Jordanian creators, scientists and innovators, and the inventions they have achieved, which are unmatched in the world, in hope for the government to pick up the message, but no one hears the call.

Fayez Damra is a Jordanian who was inspired by his Majesty’s words to become a world class inventor with unparalleled achievements and the owner of many patents, whom the government ignored until he decided to leave Jordan and seek support elsewhere.

Damra announced explicitly on his Facebook page, that: "a country that does not respect the minds of inventors is difficult to live in."

The migration of minds and competencies is a recurring tragedy in the Arab world as a whole, as if it is purposefully intended to free the nations of scientists and encourage them to migrate so that we remain dependent on others, begging for the World Bank funds.

Some of Fayez Damra’s inventions include:

  • Special ink for presses: Damra was able to manufacture a unique ink unlike any in the world.
  • Patent in cement dust treatment: an environmental plant for the treatment of dust and greenhouse gases, the patent was granted and obtained, the first of its kind in the world.
  • Magnetic Heating Project: seawater desalination, steam production, and electricity generation.

The following is Fayez Damra’s letter announcing his decision to emigrate to Turkey in the hope of reaching decision-makers:

After corruption gained a chair and decision making power, and after the disrespect of the minds of inventors, and after the absence of collective decision making in pressing issues, and the ties of corruption and its fosters with the future of the nation, I have no choice but to leave the country in my first step towards Turkey to present to it and to its people what I have not been able to offer to my own country and my own people. Istanbul will be a practical, active and caring center.

Over the past 20 years, I have worked on finding solutions that will boost our country and support its economy, with my modest contributions to solving the problems of poverty and unemployment within the role of an active citizen, just as his Majesty advocated.

I will migrate my mind, my work and my heart as there is no longer any room left to accept the dances of hypocrisy which controls the facilities of my homeland.

During my stay in Turkey, I will seek to meet with President Tayyip Erdogan to announce my joining in Turkey’s 300,000 army of scientists, inventors, and researchers, to achieve further production in Turkey.
I will start my work by opening a printing factory as a starting point for Turkey and neighboring countries. But my homeland and its awakening will remain in my obsessions, wherever I stayed and wherever I went for it will always be my birthplace and my life.

I will be leaving you on Friday, February 2, 2019, with your sincere emotions and prayers as my guide; for a country that does not respect the minds of its inventors is difficult to live in.