Super Blood Wolf Moon


Published: 2019-01-21 09:37

Last Updated: 2024-06-11 19:49

Super Blood Wolf Moon
Super Blood Wolf Moon

The Kingdom has witnessed an astronomical event of a total lunar eclipse on the dawn of Monday, January 21, the first of its kind this year.

The lunar eclipse began at 5:34 am and lasted for about an hour. The moon was totally eclipsed at 6:28 am today, and the event was seen in many parts of the Middle East.

This coincided with the moon being unusually close to earth in what is called “super moon”, dubbed “super blood wolf moon” in conjunction with the eclipse, which gave a rare and incredible scene.

Astronomer Tom Kerss, from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, commented: “We’re going into this unusual lull in total lunar eclipses over the next couple of years...So this is a really good one to catch as it’s going to be a long time before you catch another one like this - we will have other lunar eclipses, we just won’t have anything quite as spectacular until May 2021.”