Airlines of Oman, UAE and Bahrain consider resuming flights to Syria


Published: 2019-01-13 12:14

Last Updated: 2021-09-26 22:08

Via Zero Hedge
Via Zero Hedge

Damascus International Airport could soon see a higher number of departures and arrivals, if Oman, the UAE and Bahrain resume flights from their respective countries to Syria.

A delegation from Oman inspected Damascus Airport on Thursday and Friday to examine its technical condition and measure its safety.

"A delegation of Oman Air visited Damascus International Airport on Thursday and inspected its technical condition as a preparation for the resumption of flights to the Syrian capital," Shafa al-Nouri, director general of Syrian Air, which manages Damascus International Airport, told the SANA news agency.

Bahraini airline Gulf Air and the UAE-based Etihad are looking to follow suit with a similar inspection, according to al-Nouri.

Those wishing to travel to the UAE from Syria can currently do it by hopping on board a Syrian Air or Cham Wings flight.

Direct flights connecting Syria to Bahrain are also available on Syrian Air.

At the moment, reaching Oman from Syria has to be done through a transit in the UAE.

Reaching Syria is now also possible by land, after Jordan reopened the Jaber-Nassib Border Crossing three months ago, which connects the Levant country with Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon and the Gulf.