95,000 Jordanians apply for the USA Green Card Lottery Application


Published: 2019-01-11 16:15

Last Updated: 2019-01-12 11:45

Via US Embassy
Via US Embassy
Roya News Source

Four million Arabs in the Middle East applied for the USA Green Card Lottery Application, also known as US DV-Lottery, in 2018, according to a statistics published by the Bureau of Consular Affairs. Of those, 95,068 were from Jordan.

However, the highest number of applicants were from Egypt, with more than 1,274,751 applications submitted for the DV-Lottery, marking the first time the number of applications exceeds the one million mark.

Meanwhile, 23 million people applied for the DV-Lottery worldwide, an increase by four million people in comparison with 2017.

According to USGC.org, the “Official U.S. DV Lottery Immigration and Naturalization program is your chance immigrate to the USA, where you can Live, Work, Study, become a U.S. Citizen and bring your family to the United States of America.”

The website adds that the program is officially sponsored by the US government, and that it is an immigrant’s quickest and legal way to live, work and study in the USA.

For more information on how to apply, visit the USGC website.