Official report on poverty line in Jordan to be released this month


Published: 2019-01-10 10:42

Last Updated: 2023-06-07 12:21


A third of the population in Jordan lived below the poverty line for at least one quarter of the year in 2014.

However, the last official report on poverty was released by the Department of Statistics (DOS) in 2012, based on figures from the Household Expenditure and Income Survey 2010, which estimated that 14.4% of the population lived in poverty during that year.

Before the end of January 2019, DOS will be publishing an up-to-date report stating the current poverty line in the Kingdom, while comparing household/other expenditures in Amman with other Governorates, Qasem al-Zoubi, Head of DOS, exclusively told Roya.

“DOS is almost done with preparing the report, which was conducted independently without interference from the government or private sector,” al-Zoubi noted.

How will it be done? In the past, DOS used this methodology to measure poverty.

“The methodology of measuring poverty adopted in Jordan is the methodology of meeting the calorie needs to measure the poverty line, and the ensuing calculation of the various indicators. The Household Expenditure and Income Survey (HEIS) is the ideal survey and the main source for measuring poverty indicators,” according to the DOS website.

The report’s findings could have a positive effect on workers, according to al-Zoubi, who said that DOS’s findings could result in increasing the minimum wage.