Delayed start for schools in Ajloun on Thursday


Published: 2019-01-09 16:47

Last Updated: 2019-01-10 09:56


The weather is not settling down in most parts of the Kingdom tonight, which is why the Ministry Directorate in the Ajloun Governorate has announced that schools will have a delayed start on Thursday, 10 January.

Students will begin their school day at 9:30 am, however, Tawjihi students are still required to attend their exams at their designated times.

The precautionary measure was taken to grant the safety of students and teachers.

Students in Ajloun were told by the Ministry Directorate not to attend school today due to snowfall.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Education said that it was up to each Ministry Directorate in each Governorate to decide whether schools would be out on Wednesday and Thursday or not.