Tourist sites open to visitors unless weather conditions turn severe


Published: 2019-01-06 17:09

Last Updated: 2023-03-27 18:42

Via Tripoto
Via Tripoto

Tricky weather is forecast for Jordan this week, which is why the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has said on Sunday, 6 January, that it is closely and continually keeping an eye out on the weather forecast, in order to take further necessary cautionary measures where tourists and tourist sites are concerned.

In a statement released earlier today, the ministry said that it has set in motion a series of cautionary measures in case of snowfall or flooding.

The ministry said that it has been in direct contact with tour guides, travel agents and tourist transportation agencies to instruct them to arrange trips directly with the Tourism Police Operations Department and the ministry and to contact them with any queries regarding tourists and trips during unstable weather.

Those concerned can call the Hotline 117777 for any questions and queries.

The ministry noted that the safety of tourists is one of its top priorities, adding that all tourist sites, including Petra, are currently open to visitors until further notice.

Should any tourist sites close due to bad weather conditions, the ministry will announce the closures on their official online platforms.