Prime Ministry approves amnesty draft bill


Published: 2018-12-24 17:53

Last Updated: 2022-07-03 23:26

Prime Ministry approves amnesty draft bill
Prime Ministry approves amnesty draft bill

The Jordanian Prime Ministry has approved the amnesty draft bill on Monday, December 24, 2018.

The amnesty draft bill aims at consolidating the concept of tolerance and amnesty, enhancing the concept of social security, alleviating the challenges and pressures facing citizens, and giving the convicted and the perpetrators an opportunity to correct their course and behavior.

The amnesty bill also aims at balancing the right of society to punishment, ensuring the personal and civil rights of those affected by crime, alleviating the social problems resulting from the deprivation of liberty and promoting the principle of reconciliation in criminal cases.

The amnesty draft bill excludes serious crimes affecting the security of society, such as crimes against the internal and external security of the state, espionage crimes, economic crimes, corruption crimes, terrorist crimes and crimes against the public office.

The amnesty draft bill also excludes drug offences, arson, murder, theft, forgery, financial fines resulting from tax and customs evasion, and traffic violations that endanger the lives of citizens.